Subtractive orthotics versus 3D printed orthotics

At Auckland Orthotics, we like to stay on top of international trends and the latest news in technological development, so that we can ensure we can offer the best possible custom foot orthotics available on the market. With 3D printed orthotics in high demand, we’re taking a closer look at 3D solutions and how they compare to subtractive orthotics.

Subtractive orthotics are finished by hand and carved away from a larger sole. They are generally made from a multi-density material with different layers of material. 3D printing allows a high level of customisation by increasing or reducing the flexibility of the material in very specific areas.

With any orthotic support, a custom approach is a good choice as this means that your orthotic solution is created based on the actual profile of your feet and with your specific health conditions in mind. Both the 3D printed orthotics and subtractive orthotics offer this. In this respect, Auckland Orthotics offer both Subtractive orthotics and 3D printed orthotics, and will prescribe the right solution based on the clients bespoke needs / requirements.

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