Digital pressure 3D biometric analysis

Digital pressure 3D biometric analysis shown on tablet display

Auckland Orthotics’ digital pressure biometric analysis - also called ‘standing dynamic analysis’ - measures not only the dynamic foot movement in action but also captures how the foot moves whilst standing still. This information can be used as the baseline for balance and can then be compared to many treatments such as with orthotics and without, and before and after stretching or kinesiology realignment. It’s a very powerful tool.

Covering approximately 40 different aspects including weight distribution from left to right foot, forefoot to rearfoot, and many other areas of the foot, this is one of our most accurate and extensive diagnostic tools. Our 3D UltraSensor creates a high resolution image that highlights foot shape realistically. The impressive resolution, visible in real
time during acquisition, facilitates data
interpretation and diagnosis by our specialists.

The results of this analysis are presented in 3D and can be used on their own or combined with other types of analysis to create the most precise custom foot orthotics. Comparisons can be made with regards to the patient's height, weight and foot size. These data comparisons are extremely important when diagnosing posture and body alignment.

The next step is a 3D gait analysis / Dynamic Plantar Pressure 3D Walkway image