Referrals and funding

Auckland Orthotics works with private patients and accepts referrals from a range of different healthcare providers.

Refer patients to Auckland Orthotics

Address: 6 College Road, St Johns, Auckland, 1072
Phone: 09 479 3874
Fax: 09 280 6294
Healthlink: shoreort
Email: Auckland Orthotics Contact

Request a referral pad

If you are a healthcare professional, please contact us to request a referral pad.


ACC funded referrals

The team at Auckland Orthotics can produce custom orthotics for ACC claims that will aid in faster and more comfortable rehabilitation. A custom solution ensures that the orthotic support you receive is perfectly suited to your feet and your individual needs.

ACC Patients may now be covered 100% by ACC for orthotics solutions and the consultations from Auckland Orthotics - there are no part charges to the patient. This only applies to the less severe injuries where we supply the single density custom orthotics on the Less than $300 billing code. We still need to apply to ACC for funding for the more complex injuries where we supply the multi density custom orthotics that cost more than the $300 limit.

ACC will fund custom orthotics provided the need for orthotics is a result of an accident with an obvious cause and effect, and the patient is referred by one of the following healthcare practitioners:

  • orthopaedic surgeons
  • rheumatologists
  • sports physicians
  • registered medical specialists
  • general practitioners (GPs)
  • physiotherapists.

Private patients

At Auckland Orthotics, we work with private patients to improve balance, mobility and athletic abilities by providing custom foot orthotics. Private patients can be referred by healthcare practitioners or contact us directly. Book an appointment online.