Health conditions and treatments

Auckland Orthotics uses world-leading technology to scan and analyse your feet and gait. Our innovative 3D biometric scans allow us to measure movement on the ground as well as above the ground, giving us much more accurate information than a traditional assessment can provide. This means that our custom orthotics are a perfect match - designed just for you and your needs.

Our custom foot orthotics can help with a range of different health conditions, supporting everyday comfort, faster rehabilitation and improved athletic performance.

Ankle pain and injuries

Auckland Orthotics can perform a gait analysis to identify where the weakness is and then design a custom orthosis to aid compensate for that.

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Ankle pain examination
knee pain

Knee pain and injuries:

Auckland Orthotics can perform a combination of physical analysis, gait analysis and form analysis to enable us to accurately determine a solution.

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Mild Injuries

Our orthotics specialists will be able to advise on whether you will require a single-density or a multi-density solution.

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foot examination for mild injuries


Following diagnosis, one of our specialists will be able to create a custom orthotic designed for realignment and moving pressure away from the damaged area.

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Plantar fasciitis

Book in for a consultation with one of our specialists to determine whether it is pure Plantar fasciitis, Plantar fasciitis plus nerve damage, or whether it is a different condition like osteoarthritis.

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patient being examined for Plantar fasciitis
patient being examined for spinal injury

Spinal injuries

If you’re recovering from a spinal injury and are experiencing pain, numbness or loss of movement in your lower limbs, your GP or physiotherapist can refer you to Auckland Orthotics.

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Drop foot

At Auckland Orthotics, we will perform a 3D gait analysis and design a custom AFO specifically for your requirements.

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patient wearing AFO to support with drop foot