3D static light scanner / 3D optical scans

3D static light scanner / 3D optical scans

As part of a consult, Auckland Orthotics utilises Podoscan 3D optical scan technology - This helps us to visualise and merge the foot and the pressure points together when planning the structure of the orthotics. 

The scan can be done in either a standing or sitting position, however, when performed in a standing position, our orthotists will be able to obtain useful weight bearing data, too.

Our foot morphometry scans the foot under load to analyse its morphology structure. This helps our orthotists to identify conditions such as hyperkeratosis and toe deformities. It also provides detailed information for ulcer mapping and a clear picture of the plantar arch, measuring length and width of the entire foot.

The 3D optical scan takes various measurements of foot geometry that can be combined with baropodometric tests. The system also allows an analysis of the patient’s shoe sole, which is useful to verify usage over time.

The next step is to create a CAD model of orthotics