Dynamic Plantar Pressure 3D Walkway image / 3D gait analysis

Dynamic Plantar Pressure 3D Walkway image

Our orthotics specialists perform a 3D gait analysis to study motion, through sight observation as well as instrumentation, measuring body movements, body mechanics, and the activity of the muscles. We use this for diagnosing the movement 3D dimensionally under the foot whilst walking. The benefits are that we get the actual dynamic walking pressure rather than just standing pressure.

Our technology provides a high resolution scan visible in real time during the exam, and helps us to analyse detailed foot data including perimeter, rearfoot, midfoot, hindfoot, toes, and medial and lateral surfaces. We also look at load and angles, comparing static with dynamic measurements, and podoscope morphometry.

We use a patented platform which represents a true revolution in the study of foot pressure and in the reading of the podalic load. It’s a world-leading system that provides the most detailed data currently achievable.

It also gives us height - the 3rd dimension, and this is good for more accurate specification of orthotic solutions for faster recovery and comfort

This allows us to create a solution that moulds to your foot through the full range of motion rather than just when standing still.

The next step is a 3D balance analysis