Treatment and solutions

Custom Orthotics Solutions

Whether you’re needing a custom orthotics solution for everyday comfort, faster rehabilitation or improved athletic performance - the team at Auckland Orthotics can prescribe the solution best suited to your unique needs.

Below are some of the most common solutions used by our Orthotics specialists. Click here to view full range of orthotics

Dynamic Orthotics

Overview: A solution that provides patients with support through the entire gait cycle. Starting with a 3D biometric scan, our specialists use the data to design and create an orthotics solution that provides spring to help push the feet forward, to help with walking and running.

Treatment: We offer this solution to those who need support through the entire gait cycle and not only during mid-stance. Great for walkers, runners and athletes for performance improvement, but can also be prescribed to help elderly to improve everyday comfort.

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Dynamic custom foot orthotics made with latex

3D Printed Orthotics

Overview: By using the latest 3D printing technology, we offer a high quality and durable product, which allows us to provide our patients with special and sophisticated treatments.

Treatment: Auckland Orthotics offer 3D printed orthotics to help with everyday health, specialised 3D orthotics for athletes, 3D orthotics for kids as well as 3D printed orthotics for use with dress shoes

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Subtractive / Carved Orthotics

Overview: Subtractive / Carved orthotics are finished by hand and carved away from a larger sole. They are generally made from a multi-density material with different layers of material.

Treatment: Subtractive orthotics are finished by hand and carved away from a larger sole. They are generally made from a multi-density material with different layers of material.

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High Density Plastezote 3D Carved foot Orthotic insole
Auckland Orthotics 3D printed AFO

Ankle Foot Orthotics

Overview: Auckland Orthotics’ highly effective custom dynamic AFOs are second to none, designed for everyday walking, running and jumping.

Treatment: Our highly customisable AFOs help to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct alignment problems. 

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Solutions to aid in recovery

Whether you’re suffering from foot pain, ligament injury or osteoarthritis, having the correct support is crucial for pain-free and balanced movement.

Ankle braces

Overview: Our ankle braces feature industry leading support and protection suitable for everyday movement as well as sporting activities.


  • Chronic ankle instability - Weak ankles due to ligament damage and over stressed ligaments
  • Acute ankle sprains & strains - Over stretched and/or torn ankle ligaments
  • Prophylaxis - Helping to prevent re-occurring ankle injury and returning to daily activities

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Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace offered by Auckland Orthotics
Knee brace on leg

Knee braces

Overview: The knee braces we provide at Auckland Orthotics feature cutting edge support and protection

Treatment: Support and protection for everyday activities and sports such as soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball, tennis or golf

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Orthopaedic moon boots

Overview: We believe that the VacoPed boot is the most comfortable and functional orthopedic boot available on the market. It’s an effective alternative to a plaster cast.

Treatment: Use in treatment of orthopaedics and trauma recovery (alternative to plaster cast)

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Orthopaedic moon boot available through Auckland Orthotics