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Providing innovative custom orthotics for everyday comfort, faster rehabilitation and improved athletic performance. Patients to be seen by appointment only.

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Custom orthotics for a faster and more comfortable you

From everyday activities through to professional sporting events - improve your active lifestyle with innovative custom orthotics from Auckland Orthotics. We’re the only company in Australasia that uses 3D biometric technology to create custom orthotics specifically designed just for you and your individual requirements.

Your feet are unique, so your orthotics should be, too. Our cutting edge 3D technology allows us to analyse your feet more accurately than any other method on the market. We’re able to determine your foot type correctly and dynamically measure the plantar pressure of your feet in 3D while you’re moving. So we can see exactly what’s needed and produce reliable yet gentle orthotics specifically designed for your needs.

Whether you’re suffering from foot pain, ligament injury or osteoarthritis, having the correct support is crucial for pain-free and balanced movement. Our custom orthotics are highly effective and help you to recover faster and more comfortably from injuries. They also help you achieve improved balance and athletic performance.

Health conditions and treatments

Auckland Orthotics provides solutions to treat a wide range of health conditions -  helping ACC patients, private patients and professional athletes with a faster and more comfortable rehabilitation.

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Leading tech for better results

Auckland Orthotics utilises unmatched, state-of-the-art 3D scan technology that produces accurate dynamic measurements of your feet and gait. This enables us to create more effective and comfortable custom foot orthotics.

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Faster rehabilitation

Faster, and more comfortable rehabilitation

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Improved athletic performance

Custom orthotics specifically designed just for you and your individual requirements.

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Referrals and funding

For all patients with a registered ACC covered injury, treatments are completely free. You will need a referral from your GP, physiotherapist or specialist. Private patients can be seen with or without a referral.

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Custom foot orthotics packages

Auckland Orthotics offers custom foot orthotics packages, which cover initial assessment, 3D biometric scan with dynamic gait analysis, and production of your bespoke foot orthotics.

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Customer testimonials

What our patients say

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our patients have to say about our custom foot orthotics


Knee Brace

Thanks for the knee brace today Gary , I was on a roof working for the rest of the day with it on and then took the kids to the park and ran around with them,  normally I would be in pain tonight and sore to walk on it, I've got no pain at all,  so thanks agai!

Gareth P

Custom Foot Orthotics

Gary is an honest professional who has assisted me to gently steer my gait into it's normal path.

I recommend that you see Gary for assistance with Orthotics.


Custom Foot Orthotics

Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by the Orthotics, and your service.


Custom Foot Orthotics

After my injury I had foot pain almost all the time, which affected my work. Since getting my orthotics from you, the pain has almost completely gone. In the evening I don’t want to take off my shoes because the orthotics are so comfortable.


Custom Foot Orthotics

I had been suffering from heel pain for many months, have had inserts from 2 different practices. The pain only got worse. I was very apprehensive when referred to Gary for new orthotics, because of my bad experiences in the past. I am very happy to say that the pain has disappeared and my feet are very happy now. The orthotics were far less than the other before.


Custom Foot Orthotics

So happy! The foot orthotics have changed my life. I have no discomfort in my feet at all!

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