How the 3D biometric scan enables faster recovery

Supporting faster and more comfortable rehabilitation, a three-dimensional biometric assessment in combination with an ergonomic walk analysis forms the basis for truly effective custom foot orthotics.

How does it work? Traditionally, orthotists had to rely on a visual assessment by sight only. Now, with the 3D biometric scan, orthotics specialists can rely on a detailed and accurate survey of the patient’s feet. It’s a dynamic survey that measures three-dimensionally while walking. The custom orthotics that can be produced as a result of the 3D biometric scan and ergonomic walk analysis are then a perfect match - the first time around.

This new system is a lot more accurate than the traditional foam box casting approach, too. With foam box casting, patients can position their feet at will, and the plaster cast does not take the weight bearing into account. In comparison, the 3D biometric scan reads the movement of the feet dynamically and surveys changes in pressure points. There is no guesswork involved, the orthotist now knows exactly what is needed to support movement and mobility.

Auckland Orthotics is the only provider in Australasia that utilises a 3D biometric scan and ergonomic walk analysis. We specialise in creating custom orthotics that aid in faster and more comfortable rehabilitation.

ACC now fully funds custom made single density foot orthotics. So even for mild ACC injuries, patients can now benefit from the 3D biometric technology - receiving fully funded customised orthotics instead of off-the-shelf products. Get in touch with Auckland Orthotics to find out more about funding options.

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