Custom foot orthotics costs and ACC funding

Auckland Orthotics is New Zealand’s leading provider of custom foot orthotics. We use a 3D biometric scan and gait analysis to create custom orthotics that are moulded specifically for your feet. With our world-leading technology we ensure your orthotics are comfortable and effective as well as gentle - only realigning or supporting what is necessary. Contact us by phone or book an appointment online.

Foot pressure sensors

Auckland Orthotics offers two packages for custom foot orthotics. Our packages cover the initial assessment, one set of custom foot orthotics as well as a follow up appointment. All prices are GST inclusive.

Single-density orthotics package

Single density custom foot orthotics are a great solution for mild injuries. They can help you maintain or improve your active lifestyle by minimising pain and allowing you to recover from injuries faster and more comfortably.  Learn more

Multi-density orthotics package

As the ultimate solution for improved comfort, mobility and agility, Auckland Orthotics offers a multi-density custom orthotics package. This package comes with full custom modifications enabling us to create custom orthotics that aid in faster and more comfortable rehabilitation, and help improve athletic performance. Learn more

If you’re unsure which orthotics package is the right one for you, we can discuss your needs and the options available before you commit to the package cost. It’s also possible to book a gait analysis on its own. Contact us by phone or book an appointment online.