Dynamic Orthotics

Dynamic Latex Foot Orthotics
Dynamic Orthotics are a bespoke solution created by Auckland Orthotics (No-one else can do what we do in Australia nor New Zealand) using a combination of a dynamic gait analysis and creating a latex custom foot orthotic solution.

This solution works through the entire gait cycle, as compared to traditional orthotics solutions that only work more during mid-stance on full load bearing. The spring from the Dynamic Solution also helps push the feet forward.


The Dynamic Orthotics are designed to help those suffering from a range of injuries, pre-existing conditions or simply to improve every day comfort.

The injuries that Dynamic Orthotics can aid in faster rehabilitation are Ankle, foot or knee injuries, Shin splints / Stress fractures, Tendinitis, Tendonosis, Posterior tendons, Calluses, Ankle sprains, Heel pain or Front-of-knee-pain

They are also able to provide support to those with pre-existing conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Gout, Diabetes, Posterior tendon, Corns or Foot ulceration

You don’t need to have an injury to see the benefits of a Dynamic Orthotic solution as these orthotics can also be used to improve everyday comfort in walking and running as well as improve athletic performance in your sports activities.


Our dynamic orthotics offer can benefit

  • Patients looking for a solution that provide faster rehabilitation
  • Athletes looking to improve athletic performance
  • Anybody looking for improved everyday comfort

To get started, book a consultation with one of our Orthotic specialists, who will gain an understanding of your needs / pain / goals etc. The next step is for us to perform some biometric scans, and then from there, we will discuss the analysis and treatment options. Click here to view the consultation and diagnosis process, or click here to submit an enquiry or make an online booking