About us

Auckland Orthotics specialises in custom foot orthotics, offering a fully customised orthotics solution created just for you and your individual needs.

We use world-leading 3D scanning technology that enables us to produce solutions that support pain-free movement, aid in faster and more comfortable rehabilitation, and help improve athletic performance.  

Every foot is different. With 26 bones, 33 joints, 120 muscles and around 7,800 nerves, there is a lot of variability - not to mention foot length and width. Some feet are flat. Others have high arches. Feet are complex structures that come in many shapes, types and sizes. It’s our job to make sure we analyse your feet correctly and custom make an orthosis that fits perfectly.

Our state-of-the-art technology scans movement dynamically and observes how the movement changes your pressure points. We’re the only company in Australasia that can obtain a dynamic 3D scan and a clear picture of your feet’s movement on the ground as well as above the ground. This enables us to produce much more accurate custom orthotic solutions - resulting in better outcomes for you.

Find out more about our innovative technology and how it enables more accuracy during diagnosis.