VACOPED pro achilles - achilles tendon treatment

VACOPED pro achilles - achilles tendon treatment

Inspired by ski boots 

VACOped boot is the most comfortable (and functional!) orthopedic boot in the world.

VACOped Pro Achilles, sets the standard for modern health care with injuries to the foot and ankle. Our therapy concept has been proven to deliver the best results and offers many advantages, to the physician as well as to the patient.

VACOped consists of a vacuum cushion that adjusts itself precisely to the shape of every foot and lower leg. This adjustment procedure can be repeated as often as you like. A light and very stable plastic shell provides the injury site with the necessary stability. Through this unique construction, the VACOped provides far more freedom of movement than a plaster cast.

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Everything that good care requires

How you can benefit from our therapy concept:

  • Shortening of in-patient admission time
  • Simple checking of wound simplifies treatment
  • Extensive follow-up treatment concept is included
  • Walking under full load is possible more quickly
  • High degree of comfort due to ease of use and pleasing appearance
  • Washable inner covers for better hygiene
  • Various models and sizes for different requirements

Why choose VACOped?

Benefits at a glance

Very Comfortable

Vacuum cushion providing equal and firm support

Highly Adjustable

Flexible, precise and multiple adjustment controls

Itch Free

Easily and rapidly removed and replaced

Lightweight and Stable

German engineered plastic shell which is durable


Multiple exchangeable liners which are washable

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