VACOPED - diabetic moonboot

VACOPED - diabetic moonboot

Modern orthopedic technology for the diabetic foot 

VACOped boot is the most comfortable (and functional!) orthopedic boot in the world.

VACOped Diabetic is an accurately fitting orthosis that can be used for any acute condition of a diabetic foot syndrome. Through optimum pressure relief, wounds and ulcers can heal as quickly as possible.

VACOped Diabetic consists of a vacuum cushion that adapts itself exactly to every foot shape and deformity, thus distributing pressure on the foot evenly. A light and very stable plastic shell provides the orthosis with the necessary stability..

The uncomplicated handling of the VACOped Diabetic provides the patient with the highest possible comfort and freedom of movement.

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Why choose VACOped diabetic? 

Benefits at a glance

Vacuum cushion

Individual adjustment, even with deformities

High shaft

Excellent pressure distribution, easy to use for the patient

Clasp seals

Prevent the accidental removal of the orthosis

Removable covers

Washable for better hygiene

Rocker Sole

Good pressure distribution, safe and physiological gait

Wide shell

To accommodate a range of sizes

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