Foot orthotics for sandals

Foot orthotics for sandals

Summer Sandals - The most comfortable and effective orthotics available!

Foot Orthotics for Sandals
Cool and very comfortable.

Ankle and foot stability

Cushion, Control and Comfort

Designed to be part of the sandal

The lightest available – starting at 40 grams per pair! 

Be supported and feel active again!

We are certain that you will love your new feet. If after the appointment you are not convinced, just pay for the consult. The PACKAGE price, includes all consultations, the Gait Analysis and any follow up appointments and the GST. We are confident that you will not find better value anywhere in New Zealand.

* List of Sandals
We recommend these ranges of Sandal Brands: 

  • Revere Sandal and shoe range.
  • Ziera range,
  • Dr Comfort range
  • ECCO range,
  • Hush Puppy range
  • Keens Sandals range

*Examples of orthotic friendly sandals both ladies and mens.
** Please note, that for best results sandals with removable innersoles are essential.
*** it is possible to make orthotics that fit most sandals. However there are often compromises that need to be made.
**** Auckland Orthotics supply the Dr Comfort range of sandals.

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