EXOS ankle orthosis

EXOS ankle orthosis

Exos Free Motion Ankle:

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

Correct bony alignment and provide support in various planes of motion

Chronic Ankle Instabilities

  • Arthritis
  • Weak ankles due to ligament damage and over stressed ligaments
  • High ankle sprains

Post-Trauma / Post-Op Rehabilitation

  •  Step down care following casting or walking boot
  •  Fully customizable and reformable

Reduce Pain. Restore Mobility. Decrease Cost.

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The Future of Ankle Bracing is Here

Exos Free Motion Ankle is the first prefabricated Ankle Foot Orthosis that can be fully customized and formed to the patient providing functional stabilization of the ankle- foot complex addressing bony abnormality, chronic instability and post trauma rehabilitation.

The Exos Free Motion Ankle is moldable, reformable, removable, and adjustable. This technology allows a clinician to custom fit a brace within 30 minutes - minimizing time and cost.

More than a brace. A difference in treatment.

Exos™ Free Motion Ankle. Thermoformable material that can be reformed and reshaped as needed to conform with long-term injuries and disease progression.

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