AFO - carbon advanced available in New Zealand

AFO - carbon advanced available in New Zealand

AFO-10A ADVANCE is a “foot drop” orthosis made of pure carbon fiber. The construction of the orthosis in the calf area allows limited ankle joint movement.The sole part near the toes and the heel is more flexible than in the middle. This together with usual for the line “spring” property make walking with the orthosis less tiring. Due to an especially thin sole, the orthosis does not affect the posture.

  • extremely light
  • extremely strong
  • can be used during sporting activities 
  • low profile


  • ankle injuries and fractures where limited ROM is needed
  • post op
  • post fracture
  • drop foot secondary to neurological pathologies
  • foot and calf extensors after operation
  • ankle arthritis


All models are made of carbon fiber or combination of it with composite materials. Therefore, the orthoses are solid, very light and functional. One of the main advantages of the articles from carbon fiber is that after they undergo technological treatment, a “spring” effect is obtained, which facilitates walking to a great extent.

Comfort and great look

The models are adapted to the same size of footwear usually worn by the patient and owing to thin structure they are barely visible under clothing. A strap system allows fastening the orthoses to the calf with just one hand. As the particles are made of carbon fiber, they are especially hygienic and do not cause allergy.

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