Single-density orthotics package

from $425 incl GST - Single density custom foot orthotics are a great solution for mild injuries. They can help you maintain or improve your active lifestyle by minimising pain and allowing you to recover from injuries faster and more comfortably.

The package includes the initial assessment and an in-depth 3D gait analysis, comprising of dynamic 3D scanning while walking as well as static 3D image capturing. The results of the static and dynamic 3D images will be compared to analyse movement and pressure points. Based on our analysis we will then create your very own custom foot orthotics. Find out more about our 3D technology and how we analyse your feet and gait.

For injuries that are covered under ACC, single density custom orthotics from Auckland Orthotics are fully funded by ACC. There are no part charges. With a referral, we don’t need prior approval for this package, and can start creating your custom orthotics straight away. We’re the only practise in New Zealand able to offer a custom solution for ACC injuries, using our state-of-the-art technology. This means that our patients benefit from a product that’s been designed specifically for their feet and individual needs. Find out more about ACC funded referrals.

If you’re unsure which orthotics package is the right one for you, we can discuss your needs and the options available before you commit to the package cost. It’s also possible to book a gait analysis on its own. Contact us by phone or book an appointment online.